Sculptural Jewelry with a Twist


    Designer Marian Robinson twists, slides and coils wire to create jewelry as sculpture, or sculpture as jewelry. Each piece reveals itself during the process of doing. No two are alike, each is handcrafted for comfort, versatility and style. These unique designs are meant to be worn by a woman comfortable with herself, happy with attention and delighted by the unexpected.

Large resin rings partnered with a variety of natural stone beads read chic and striking.

Check for upcoming shows!

            Custom work using client’s beads & objects, private

            home events and charity participation available.

A paring of sea shells & rolled paper discs create a striking combination.

Fun, innovative and easy to wear, rolled lightweight paper discs circle the neck.

A one-of-a-kind collar made of lightweight packing peanuts individually hand painted and wrapped with plastic coated wire is a comfort to wear and a unique visual delight.

The classic look of black & white with a contemporary twist of intertwined malleable wire.

Green stones that sparkle paired with jet black for a touch of drama.

A soft combination of colors to complete the perfect look.